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Decision Time

Posted by HeroPower - August 21st, 2015

It's been a long while since I've made a post and an even longer time since I've produced a game...

Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary since I release my last game. Just typing that bums me out. Shortly after releasing that game I became super busy with school. I switched to a Game Development major so it was great still being greatly involved in learning how to make games but I miss having the time to make them. In what little free time I've had this last year I've spent my time improving my programming knowledge so that when I do make another game I can make an even better experience than that of my previous ones. At the start of this year I also made the switch from AS3 to Unity/C#. It's been a lot of fun and the transition wasn't terribly difficult due to my experience with AS3.

I was in desperate need of a break from school so I took the summer off. I started developing my first 3D game with a friend I made last year at my school. As fate would have it though his life became crazy chaotic and so this game is going to take a really long time to finish. On the upside though this means I have time to work on a new project which is where I need to make a decision....

You see I am torn on whether to make this new game with Unity or Flash/AS3. I am way more experienced with Flash so I could produce the game in probably 1/3 of the time. I really am tempted to make it with Flash so I can actually finish another game. On the otherhand I should make it with Unity so that I can continue to improve my skills with the platform I intend to use. If I go with Flash I will still be improving my skills with Unity because I will still be making the other game with my friend....but if I go with Unity that means I'll just be getting that much better at it at a more accelerated rate...

What to do....what to do....


Follow your heart! Good luck!

Thank you :)

hero101 thank you for accepting my friend request

P.S i don't have unity i only have flash

Of course dude! I'll be release new games in the upcoming months so now that we are friends you will be notified when I release them ^_^


That saying where the last 10% of gamedev takes 90% of the time... that's where you learn a lot, and that has little to do with what language you choose. So picking flash will still be beneficial for the gamedev exp, but ofc not for unity exp.

Maybe do unity as your main project, and as3 as your side project for when you have to code ai in the main project and you just don't wanna.

Interesting enough I have never heard of that saying but it's true. I appreciate the feedback dude and I think I will be going that route you suggested.

It doesn't matter which one you choose since you can publish games made in Unity over here, although you can do it in Unity for the experience