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I backed you really early on when you started Patreon and seeing this just makes me ecstatic! So happy you are back! Hopefully your Patreon continues to grow so that you can do this full-time :D

chluaid responds:

Thanks very much for the support. Couldn't do it without ya

lol didn't see that coming. Nice work dude!

Nice anatomy work :)

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Could use some music and maybe a more pleasant sound for making a match. Maybe you're just trying to crack a joke or are not from the states but it's a rather poor taste in your game's name (even if it is spelled differently).

Good luck on your future projects.

I still find these kinds of simple cookie-clicker games entertaining. Wouldn't even mind making one myself one day just for fun. A suggestion, should you make another one, would be to allow purchasing the "upgrades" from the main screen rather than having to go to a shop. Or, if you like the shop idea, then allow the number to keep counting up while in the shop. Either way would work great I think :)

If you win you should allow the player to keep playing until they are bankrupt. I like the visuals ^_^ Would be nice to have some sound fx and music.

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Wow this is amazing. Could totally see this in a high budget, full-length feature film. Nice work! ^_^

marniegrant responds:

Hey HeroPower thank you very much for listening and taking the time to leave a comment too! It means a lot that you think that. :-)

- Marnie

It's very catchy ^_^

This is really, really fantastic dude!

PuffballsUnited responds:


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Not sure why this is rated M haha but this is stunning. I love how vibrant her hair is.

CherryLolo responds:

Was by accident xD

Wow this is really pretty dude ^_^

WooleyWorld responds:

I like pretty shit, bruh.

Awesome! Bitey is what got me invested in Newgrounds back in the day. I really hope he returns again. Beautiful work man!

deathink responds:

Yeah man, the Bitey videos really are something else.

Been teaching myself programming since the start of 2014. Making simple games for now but as my knowledge grows so will my projects!

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