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Been teaching myself programming since the start of 2014. Making simple games for now but as my knowledge grows so will my projects!

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Happy New Year!....Wait....

Posted by HeroPower - January 3rd, 2015

Ok so I'm a couple days late with the whole new year thing but hot damn it's 2015 folks! I'd love to hear what any of you have planned for this year - Resolutions? Projects you want to finish? Skills you want to aquire/improve? Tell me :)

I spent 2014 learning AS3 and managed to produce two games. It was definitely a fun year for me and I'm hoping to amp up everything this year! I want to continue learning more concepts with AS3 (I still have so much more to learn...) and I want to publish more games than last year. Sadly school gets in the way of all this - BUT - I'm learning to make games with Unity/C# at school so at least most of my time is spent learning/making games in one form or another. I really love Unity but I think I will focus on finishing my flash projects this year before fully focusing on another platform/language. This year I would like to dive into using FlashPunk (anyone think Flixel is better?) as it seems like a great IDE for making games (would be nice to move away from dealing with frames in the Flash IDE even tho I still love it).

I have 3-6 projects I am always bouncing from which is why it must take me forever to produce anything not to mention I'm still having to learn/understand more new code and make tiny games to understand it better. I'm hoping to pump out most of them this year ^_^ Hear is a small glimpse of one right now that I'm working on called The Gap:1417677_142033932582_ScreenShot2015-01-03at6.40.00PM.png

Looks simple but it's going to be a very trial and error kind of game that will probably be causing people to rage and blam the hell out of it haha XD

Well, in short, in 2015 I want to do the following:

1. Publish at least 4 of my 6 projects.
2. Learn more advanced AS3 code and continue to improve my OOP knowledge.
3. Grasp working with an IDE outside of Flash (most likely FlashPunk).
4. Continue experimenting with mobile game development.
5. Create social media pages/sites for my game development - Live Life Games.
6. Make my own website (it's been years since I've done this).

Again, I'd love to hear everything you guys hope to achieve this year :)


For me I just want to get a good job and a decent relationship. Maybe fwb? Who knows. All the best to you tooo

Hang in there dude everything will work out eventually :) Took until I was 25 for things to start working out in life.

FlashPixel = flixel? Flixel is great for games like you'd see in ludum dare. It's quite unforgiving when trying to go past that, though (using haxe flixel).

School always gets in the way, but I think/hope this will be my most chill semester. Lucky me because I just started with something that will hopefully turn into a steam greenlight game. We'll see.

Flixel is what I meant haha Yeah I think I'm going to go with FlashPunk in the near future. Probably wrap up one more game using the Flash IDE that I've been making and then take the time to learn FP.

Yeah school is a definite time sucker...at least if you plan to pass all your classes. Dude that's awesome you started something that may become a Steam greenlight game! You'll have to tell me about it when you are ready to release details to the public :)

looks cool man!
looking forward to play more of your games when they come out in the future (:

Thanks dude! I can't wait to see what you accomplish this year! :D

The graphics look incredible. You really draw that good??

kkots how you been man?

As you once joked you wouldn't play my games for the art haha....so sadly no I didn't make them. They were royalty-free art assets I got online. Can't remember the source right now - it was a group of artist that did a small crowdfunding campaign and when they met their goal the release like 8,000 assets for free online for the general public. So everything you see except the character is from that source.

I have been improving my own art style though :P For this game I really wanted to focus on a bunch of new code I've never tried before so I used the free assets so I could just focus on programming. I have 2 other games I'm also working on that I am making art for but they are rather rough right now as the games are in the early stages so I upload this pic instead.

You currently working on any game projects? Haven't seen you around in the forums in a long time..

Cute work so far. So few people seem to be into characters or character development when it comes to small games these days.

Thanks buddy :) I gotta say dude you make some really cute characters as well.

I feel like spreading bad advice and bad programming habits on forums, and I think that the forum regulars know their job much better than I do. And even if I help any people on there, it will be better if I don't, because my help corrupts and spoils the people. After an incident when the regulars pointed out flaws in my code that I showed I realized that I am not good or disciplined enough to help people and so I shouldn't.

I'm currently going to work on Deshiel's space shooter project but I have not started yet. I really should, though. Oh, and I'm trying to draw.

Don't be so hard on yourself man.... You've help me a few good times during my first year of programming.