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Been teaching myself programming since the start of 2014. Making simple games for now but as my knowledge grows so will my projects!

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Posted by HeroPower - September 25th, 2014

So many future games I want to make.....so little time.

Currently working on a very simple platformer type of game. Decided to use royalty-free art assets so that I could focus on learning new code for this project. Have another simple collect/survive for as long as you can kind of game which with the way I want to execute it I think it could be more entertaining than redundant.

Lastly, I want to make a game for Newgrounds Halloween Spooktacular. It's a simple point n click adventure game; however, the more I draft it out on paper the more I keep coming up with more and more ideas to expand the game.... Even for a point n click game I am starting to have doubts that I can finish it before October ends - even if I do scratch a lot of the cool features. Mostly because this happens to be a very busy month for me and I also started a new quarter at school. Such is life.

I'll have to decide very soon if I should attempt to try and finish this project in time for the Halloween Spooktacular or if I should just save it for next year and work on more manageable projects. I told myself after my last game I would take my time with future projects and just "relax" so doing the Halloween game would pretty much be the opposite of that.... We will see.


Now's not the time to Relax! Now's the time to give us, NewGrounders, the best games you've got!

Haha I appreciate that man :) Whether I do the game for Newgrounds Halloween Spooktacular or not - either way you guys will get a new game soon enough :)

Making something in a rush only to hit some deadline is never worth it.
All you may get is be noticed as participating in some celebration.
Believe me, that is not what you truly want.
The real fun with making games is had only when you are relaxed.
Besides, abandoning projects is a big crime in my eyes.

Yeah I agree with you. I'm learning to make games because it is a passion of mine so why rush something I love. Yeah I thought it would be fun to be apart of something the NG community is doing but there will always be other events down the road I could participate in where I wouldn't be stressing myself out. In my last post you strongly suggested I learn to relax from here on out and to be honest dude I've actually really thought about what you said because you were totally right. I guess I just got excited about participating in an NG event for the first time but it's just not worth it. I will be staying relaxed from here on out.

If you ever need music, I would be glad to help :)

Dude that would be awesome :) With Going Blind I used a song a composer already had up on Newgrounds and he gave me permission to use it. It fit so well with the game that he wants to compose a song specifically for one my future games so I promised I would use him for one of my projects. That being said I have a couple projects I'm working on so I will need to find composers for them. When the details of my other projects are more solid I would love to talk to you about composing a song for one of my games :) School just got a little crazy but I should be at that stage within a months time.