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Been teaching myself programming since the start of 2014. Making simple games for now but as my knowledge grows so will my projects!

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Good luck with your plans my friend and let's hope we'll make a decent game together ! :D

HI Dude,

Figure I stop by and see how you were doing keep up the good work I look forward to seeing your master piece mate ^^.

Kind regards,


Hey there Wondermeow! I've been pretty busy due to my college studies but I'm still plugging away at the games I mentioned. An artist here on NG actually offered to partner up with me on my game so that is awesome news! That said, before this happened I told DanielCotorogea that I would spend most of my time programming his game so mine is on a bit of hold for the time being. Nonetheless, the projects are still happening and should hopefully all be done within the coming months :)

How's your creative projects coming along?

That's great mate really happy for you should turn out pretty awesome ^^. Myself I just finish up all the art for 2 games one for PS4 a small rap game and another which I'm not sure where its going to be on about a big monster gorilla, lol.

Besides that currently working on my first music video about a goldfish still a lot of work to do maybe another month or 2 before I finish it. Keep up the good work mate look forward to your new posts ^^.

Kind regards,


Sorry for the late response. That's awesome you are staying busy and doing lots of stuff ^_^ You will have to let me know what games you worked on and when they are published whenever you are allowed to talk about them so I can check them out :)

Glad you're still working on stuff. I know the frustration of having not released anything for a long time, despite all the work we put in. Hope to see some of your cool progress.

Thanks buddy. Yeah the struggle is real. Just watched the video on your blog: It's awesome that you are still working on that game with the little robot and conveyor belts! Looking forward to seeing the finished product ^_^

Will do bro ^^