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Been teaching myself programming since the start of 2014. Making simple games for now but as my knowledge grows so will my projects!

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I have no problem keeping things fresh within one project. If a project is large enough there are always interesting things to do with it.

I did that loads in the early 2013-late 2014 period and an awful lot of projects fell though. Honestly speaking though, a lot of them were probably doomed from the start because I'd assign higher priority to the ones I wanted to work on most. There's not a lot of point if it's so low on your list that you nearly ignore it. I'm trying to keep to no more than 2 active projects at a time, the rest can be all kept as ideas, concepts, sketches, etc. until I know I'll be able to dedicate something to them.

I totally agree with you dude. I dedicated all of 2014 to learning to program (usually spending up to 14 hours a day teaching myself) and it was an awesome experience. Every game I made, and all the ones I had planned (the one's in this post I was talking about juggling) I made, or planned to make, to help me learn/understand a new coding technique. After viewing your profile I realized you are partners with MSGhero - he was always helping me out last year in the forums whenever I had trouble understanding some type of coding concept. Awesome to see you guys making games together :)

Sadly I've been unable to work on any projects this year due to how insanely time consuming school has been. Last Spring I switched from a film major to a game development major because programming became a total passion of mine. The program is so intense though that I don't have time to make games for myself. On the bright side I've learned so much that I don't need to bother with making simple games to learn programming concepts so when I do get to make a game again (this summer) I can make something more immersive and better than anything I've attempted before.

Welp...I don't want this reply to drag on for you :P so thank you for your input dude I appreciate it. Good luck on your game! I'm confident you and MSGhero will succeed :)


Hi friend how've you been? I like having multiple projects so I don't get bored but you're right it does take a certain amount of juggling to reach completion :-D I'm helping with some voice acting for a game coming out on the 26th & am pretty excited about that! Plus been working on a couple Unity games which are definitely taking a long time to finish. Have you heard of or gotten into any game jams? I've helped with 2 and I find them fun to have community to chat with during the process, also to have a pseudo deadline for projects .. well just thought I'd stop by & say hi! Keep up the great work!

Hi :D You commenting on this post just made me realize I haven't made a new post in like 5 months XD
I've been so crazy busy with my game design degree that I've had no time to work on anything :( But I've learned so much through my program - I can pretty much model anything now - and am getting more comfortable with C# and Unity. I decided to take the summer term off so that I can rest. I plan to make the switch from AS3/Flash to Unity/C# this break and work on a full-length game! Well...it may not be huge but it will be a hell of a lot more than my last two little flash games. It's awesome you are doing game jams! They seem so fun! If I hear of any going on this summer I will let you know and possibly participate as well :D Oh I've been giving feedback to the game developer whose game you recently voiced acted in - nice work! Maybe one day I will ask you to grace me with your vocal talents in a project :P

Keep kicking ass and stay in touch :)